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Waxing Poetic Jewelry 

Based in California, Waxing Poetic is a brand of jewelry that believes 
in living life to the fullest and their creative designs and charms
echo their philosophy. Their jewely is made up of mixed metals,
 sterling silver, and brass. This line of unique designs
has become more and more popular as it goes across America.

The Crest Insignia Charms are beautiful add-ons to accompany
 a St. Christopher Medal or on its own. The Voyager Insignia Charms are the larger size up and the initial is pressed onto a mixed metal background.
Available in every letter for a personalized feel!

Crest Insignia Intial Charm...............................$26.00
Voyager Insignia Intial Charm...........................$57.00


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from 10:00am - 5:00pm EST
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Waxing Poetic Designs embody
joyful memories, loved ones, and life values through their aesthetically simple and delicate jewelry.  Give as a special gift of friendship
or just for yourself!

Pictured Below:
Crest Insignia Charm
alongside the four different sizes of
 St. Christopher Medals.

Waxing Poetic Photo Gallery


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