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Sterling Silver Glass Enameled
St. Christopher Medals

On Sterling Silver Cable Chain or Ball Chain
$35.00 - $90.00 as charm
$50.00 - $105.00 with chain
Free USPS 1st class shipping on all orders $70.00 and over

Our collection includes five sizes and fourteen vibrant colors!

Engrave the back of these medals with a script or block monogram, an image, or a short message for only $10.o0 extra.

**NEW** Waxing Poetic Crest Insignia Intial Charms are unique add-ons that would personalize any Saint Christopher medallion!

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We also accept orders by phone
from 9:30am - 5:30pm EST
(201) 444-2282

Saint Christopher, the ever popular protector of safe travel, dates back to the Third Century.
These St Christopher medallions are beautifully crafted in Sterling Silver and handmade with glass enamel.
These beautiful colored St Christopher Medals
Available in fourteen beautiful fashion colors.
The back is a plain bright finish, suitable for engraving.
Pictured Below in All Five Sizes

St. Christopher Photo Gallery



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